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Desarrollador Holger Bluemler
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House Control WiFi for controlling electric devices via radio outlets through Wi-Fi
Steer with your iPhone ™ or iPod ™ touch your electrical appliances and devices: table lamps, floor lamps, outdoor lighting, computers and peripherals, electric heaters, coffee machines ...

With this remote control app, you can control in your house or apartment everything that can be connected to a power outlet. The connected devices, you can switch manually or automatically by time or randomly on and off, dimming, flashing or pulsating.

The required hardware consists of a wireless radio module and one or more power plugs. The App can remotely operate a total of 9 power plugs.

The special WiFi wireless controller is programmed via the iPhone or iPod Touch via WiFi controlled directly and simultaneously. The controller therefore has its own program memory. The controller works so well when you turn off your iPhone or even run another application. This allows you to automatically control up to nine devices at switch them on or off at different time, and without that your iPhone is turned on, or even must not be present.
The following special HMB-TEC ® hardware can be purchased:

The complete set with the following components:

- Wi-Fi Power Controller
- 3 piece spark plugs with switch function 230VAC/1500Watt

To expand further, you can add wireless controlled plugs (up to a total of 9) to operate with the controller. For this purpose, you can consult the extension kit.

The upgrade kit consists of the following components:

- 2 piece radio outlets with switching function 230VAC/1500Watt
- 1 piece radio controlled power plug with dimmer function 230V/300Watt

IMPORTANT! To run this app you need a special add-on hardware (source: